He Never Changes

In this time it’s important for us, as children of God, to continually meditate and stand firmly upon the Word of God! The circumstances and situations around us may appear uncertain and ever-changing. They might even seem hopeless, but they must never govern our lives. We can’t afford to fix our attention on them.

Instead, we are to set our gaze on our God, Who never changes. The Word says He is the same yesterday, today and forever! He is faithful and good, and His nature never changes. His Word is steadfast and true, and it never changes. His promises build our faith for now and give us a sure hope for the future, and they never change either. This is where our thoughts should be rooted.

This is where our confidence comes from. Throughout Scripture, whenever God’s people put their hope and trust in their unseen God and His Word – above what they saw in the natural – they were safe, healed, miraculously rescued, and made to prosper. In our uncertain world, this is what we can always be sure of: as we stand firm upon who God is, and what His Word declares, our future is certain – because He is a God Who never changes.