His Extravagant Goodness 

As children of God, we have been redeemed from the curse, and have found our new identity in Jesus! Because of His death and resurrection, we are able to partake of the riches of our glorious inheritance now! When we understand our old, selfish, sinful life died and was buried with Jesus, we will stop identifying ourselves with it! We won’t allow our thoughts and conversations to align with negative feelings and past failures! Instead, we will make a moment by moment choice to align ourselves with what the Word says our new nature is! The Apostle Paul believed this so strongly that he said his own identity and will didn’t even exist any more – he was dead to it! Instead he chose to let Jesus rule over everything he thought about, dominate every conversation he engaged in, and have influence over everything he did.  The Bible promises that when we chose to live like this, we will never lack any good thing. Choosing to see ourselves from His perspective, and live in the new nature He has given us, causes us to walk in the reality of His extravagant goodness, provision, and protection every single day!