His Word is True

The world we live in operates on a “see to believe” basis. People assume for something to be real or true, it needs to be seen before it can be experienced. But this is not how the kingdom of God works! As children of God, we live by faith; and faith is the assurance that what we don’t see in the natural is true and does exist in the realm of the spirit! (Hebrews 11:1). Everything the Word of God says is true and will come to pass in our lives – if we just believe!

Remember, since we are called to live by faith, we have no choice but to increase our faith and have it continuously grow in our lives. According to Romans 10:17 the only way to do this is by filling our hearts and minds with God’s Word, meditating on its truth, believing it, and allowing it to influence and transform us. God’s Word is alive, it’s active, and it’s powerful!

The more our hearts are receptive to receive its truth, the more it will produce what it promises in us. Don’t waste your time and energy filling your heart and mind with things that will do nothing to build your faith in God and His Word. Decide to diligently make its truth your treasure and it will position you to receive abundantly above all you could ever wish for.