Hosting the Glory

Every born-again, Holy Spirit-baptized child of God has the capacity to host the glory of God.  We are most certainly living in the days where the kingdom of darkness is ruling and dominating the hearts of people across the earth. But, the prophecy declares that the Lord will arise over His people, and His glory will be seen upon them! It’s the glory that distinguishes those who are of God amongst those who are not. It causes the former to shine with His hope, goodness, and power. Like moths are drawn to the light, those who are lost, broken, and full of fear will be drawn to that glory, and find peace, freedom, and safety.  But the glory of God will not settle on just anybody. For us to become a people that host the glory, we must walk before the Lord with pure hearts, always putting His will and ways above our own. And we must cultivate a deep hunger and thirst for His manifest Presence and Word. When these become evident in our lives, the glory of the Lord settles upon us in a powerful way. We must become people who host the glory of the Lord, while there is still time for the world to receive a Saviour and defy the darkness that threatens their lives.