Hosting the Glory

Obed-edom found himself in a very peculiar yet privileged position. He was handed the responsibility of hosting the Ark of the covenant – which housed the glory of God – in his home. As a result, the Lord blessed him and his entire household. Just making room for the presence of God in our lives is not enough.

We are to pursue His presence as our vital necessity, making it the centre of everything we think, speak and do. Israel camped around the tabernacle that housed the presence of God. This was the centre of their life as a nation. It’s what ensured their protection and provision – because God was with them, dwelling among them.

To pursue God’s presence is to diligently and purposefully seek Him. It is to be continuously alert and aware of Him in us, and upon us, as we live in a way that that would honour and love Him. This is a way of life He promises to reward with His goodness, life, protection, provision, peace and joy – because He is with us.