How to Believe to Receive

God wants us well and prosperous, even more than we want to be well and prosperous ourselves! There are certain mindsets that will work against us receiving what the Word has promised us.  One of those incorrect beliefs is that it’s not God’s will for everyone to be healed or to be living in His abundant provision and blessing. Another erroneous belief is that God sometimes wants us to suffer, or that our sickness or lack are His way of punishing or teaching us a lesson. Another thought pattern that will hinder us receiving from the Lord is that we have no authority or say over what happens to us in life.  So, we simply accept sickness or lack as though it’s ours to bear. Hebrews 1:3 tells us that Jesus is the express image of the Father, a perfect representation of Him. In John 5:19, Jesus said He only did what He saw His Father do. We find no place in scripture that supports Jesus ever placing sickness on anyone or delighting in any person being in lack. He never refused to heal anyone who came to Him for their healing or deliverance.  The Bible says the reason Jesus came to earth was to destroy the works of the devil and demonstrate the generous nature of His Father.  He made it His business to heal, restore and bless all people, everywhere He went! He continuously worked miracles of increase and multiplication right from the very first miracle at the wedding in Cana.  This is the will of God for all mankind.  The devil came to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came to give us full, abundant life! (John 10:10). God never changes and His will is always to see the devil’s evil and cruel abuse of people’s lives come to an end and for them to know His power to set them free and see them healed and blessed.  Once the truth, that God wants you to be whole and blessed – without exception – is settled in your heart and mind; you are well on your way to receive all He has made available to you! Replace every wrong mindset with His truth and believing to receive will become easy to do.