In Perfect Time

God called Abraham righteous because he never doubted God would follow through on His promise for him to be a father of nations. Even though it took several years before he saw his son born, Abraham never stopped trusting it would become his reality. Every promise in God’s Word is for His children to receive and enjoy; and we are able to do this as Abraham did – by faith. Unwavering faith in God and His Word causes us to see each promise fulfilled, as we wholeheartedly follow after Him. When Abraham got impatient and tried to fulfill the promise in his own way, it only prolonged the wait for Isaac – bringing much jealousy, strife, and heartache with it. Even so, he didn’t give up but kept trusting God for Isaac. So stir up your faith and believe God will keep His promises to you as you walk closely to Him, being single-minded to obey His will. This way you won’t prolong your miracle but will be full of peace and confidence as you see your promise fulfilled in its perfect time.