In Luke 10, the disciples were really delighted with the fact that evil spirits obeyed them. Jesus drew their attention to the truth that the only reason the demons obeyed them, was because of the disciples’ relationship with Him. The apostle Paul understood the real treasure in life was not just the glorious benefits of working for the Lord and operating in His delegated authority, but personally knowing the Person of Jesus. When we encounter Jesus, and experience the joy of being in His manifest Presence, we soon realize it’s without comparison. He becomes the prize far above all prizes. Knowing Jesus fuels the desire to know Him more, to live in His ways, and to follow Him for the rest of our lives.  In the Old Testament, there were people who were able to know God and carry out great exploits for Him, but what they knew and experienced was far inferior to what we are allowed, and invited to know and experience today!  Everything worth knowing in life, and all things that hold true value are found and experienced from personally knowing the Person of Jesus. Draw close to Him today, you will find He will draw you into a life of pure love and power, incomparable to anything you have ever, or will ever know outside of knowing Him.