Inexhaustible Strength

Even at its prime and peak, human strength is flawed. The strongest among the human race is bound to run out of steam at some point. But we have a Creator who made us for fellowship with Him – the most innate of human necessities. In that place of looking to Him and walking with Him, He designed it that we would find new strength – and not the natural kind. It’s the supernatural strength that can revive hope warn thin!

God knows precisely the very things that sap the life out of our very bones, as well as what energises us; and in close communion, with Him we get to know the same as well. Our waiting on the Lord seems to be a paradox of terms because in our deliberately turning to Him there is a pursuing His face that brings us to a place of energised rest.

This is where we receive renewed strength to walk, run, and soar with Him in His purpose for us. Inexhaustible strength is awaiting you in Him!