Irresistibly Drawn

What a remarkable statement to make: Paul said he was drawn, to Jerusalem, irresistibly by the Holy Spirit. Even though he knew that suffering awaited him, He could not ignore the overwhelming pull on his heart to go to that city, and he willingly obeyed it. Even though the facts about what was going on there were warning enough for him to steer clear – he chose to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit instead.

There is a sense of urgency we cannot ignore when the Holy Spirit pulls on our hearts; and when we willingly obey Him, a wonderful peace overwhelms us. This is part of what it means to be connected to the Holy Spirit. When we abide in the Lord and His Word abides in us, we stay in tune with this beautiful connection; and wherever He leads, we follow with an irresistible drawing.

Being aligned with the heart and will of God like this creates an ever-present atmosphere of confident trust and assurance of the supernatural power of God at work in us. As you spend time with the Lord in His Word today, expect to be irresistibly drawn by the Holy Spirit and as you obey – enjoy the supernatural peace and power that flows from it.