Joyful, Reverential Respect

The author of this psalm, King David, was calling upon the rebellious kings and rulers to serve the Lord with reverential fear and joy, instead of opposing Him. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that while born-again believers will not be judged for our sin, we will give an account for the way in which we served the Lord here on earth. Serving Him is not to be taken lightly. We are to dedicate our lives to fulfilling His perfect will for us. Every thought, every word, and every deed will be judged to see if it was in harmony with His will or not. Since God’s Own Spirit lives within us, and we are able to hear and heed His voice, only thinking, speaking, and doing what is in line with His leading is certainly possible! In truth, it is a joy to think as He does, to speak His words of faith, and to act in kindness towards others, with excellence in all we do, and to use our authority over the devil!  Being led by the Holy Spirit in all things will cause us to live in a way that is truly pleasing to the Lord.  His power in us gives us both the desire to think, speak, and do His will, and the supernatural ability to carry it out too. Joyful, reverential  respect for the Lord is only accomplished through us yielding to the Holy Spirit and obeying the leading of His voice. The results of doing this will be pure joy, peace, and overwhelming victory, carrying through from this life into eternity!