Keep Moving Forward in Him

As long as we keep looking over our shoulders, we’ll never push forward into the good life God has for us to live.  Reminding ourselves of past failures or disappointments will overshadow any promise of a new future. Instead of being optimistic and hopeful, we become weighed down with sadness and regret. That’s why God clearly instructs us to forget the former things, and not hold onto yesterday’s mistakes.

So how do we push past what happened and stop it from hindering our future? We move forward in Him! We lock our attention on God’s Word! We begin to speak aloud that what the Word says is true! Things like, “This is what my God is like. This is what He has promised me. This is what He is going to do in my life.” The more time you spend letting God’s Word be the standard you live by, and not your past – the more you knock off those limitations that want to keep you back.

Let go of the stronghold of yesterday and live in the reality of God’s Word for today!  All you need to make this day successful is already at your disposal. Be fully present, and savour each moment as you trust the Lord to pour His love, wisdom, and supernatural ability into you. Begin to see things from His perspective. Surrender every challenge to Him in prayer – with a heart full of thankful expectation – knowing He has answered the moment you believe you receive what you’ve asked for! This is moving forward in Him, in joy, peace, and victory – one day at a time.