Keep the Fire Burning

It’s essential for every believer in this hour to be on fire for the Lord. The fire of God keeps us in a place of being pure and blameless before Him. It is a purifying fire that burns away all the things that would hinder our walk of faith and victory in Christ. The Bible calls these things unnecessary weights that entangle us and keep us from running our race and fulfilling our God given assignment with strength, skill and purpose. Surrendering our hearts to the fire of God keeps us in a place of absolute allegiance, devotion and submission to Him. Which is another reality of the fire of God burning in us.  It fuels a fervent passion for Him and His purpose on the earth. It emboldens a fearless boldness and confidence to stand our ground against the enemy and operate in the power of God. Our prayers are more specific and effective when our hearts are burning with the fire of God. Demons tremble and flee, their demonic bondages effortlessly break off of people and the life-giving flow of God’s love, goodness and healing power overflows from our spirits without resistance when the fire of God is made to burn bright and strong inside us. As a natural fire is kept burning by throwing more wood onto it, God’s Word is the wood that keeps His fire burning in us. The secret to keeping the fire burning is praying in the Holy Spirit. As we do this, we keep our minds engaged in what the Spirit of God is wanting to do in and through us. It keeps a flow of His divine wisdom, strength, joy, peace and power alive and active in us.  Be sure to keep the spiritual wood of God’s Word being piled up inside you, and His Holy Spirit fanning the flames by praying in your heavenly language. Then listen intently to His voice, with full confidence allow what is burning on the inside of you to be released on your words and in your actions. The Word says God is a consuming fire – so draw close and keep close by living in His Word and Spirit (Acts 6:4).  This is your time to keep that fire alive so you can accomplish all He has created you to do in Him.