Keep Your Cup Overflowing

Without the Hoy Spirit we can do nothing, but when we have His life and strength flowing from our spirits into our souls and bodies, we have all we need to overcome and succeed in life. Psalm 23 says, “God anoints my head with oil, and my cup overflows.” It’s that overflowing oil that prevents the enemy from attaching himself to us through things like un-forgiveness, low self-worth,  and fear. When we are overflowing with the life and power of the Holy Spirit it means we are constantly in the Word of God and fellowshipping with Him.  The truth of His Word dominates our thoughts and as a result, we can easily discern which of the thoughts that come into our minds are His and which are not. Once we recognise which thoughts are not in line with God’s Word – we immediately take them captive and refuse to think on them. We do this by replacing them with the truth of God’s Word.  We can’t do this by depending on somebody else’s supply of the Holy Spirit, we have to have our own supply. The parable in Matthew 25 that speaks of the five wise and five foolish virgins proves this to us. The supply of oil in their lamps refers to the life and power of the Holy Spirit within them. The five who were diligent to keep an extra supply of oil for their lamps were found ready and prepared for the bridegroom. The five who didn’t keep an extra supply were not found ready, and when they tried to borrow from the others – they could not. Being saved is the first step to receiving the fresh flow of the life and power of the Holy Spirit within us – remaining in God’s Word and fellowship with the Holy Spirit is what keeps that life and power flowing until it overflows into every part of our souls and bodies – transforming us into the image of Jesus – one day at a time! Make sure you tend to the overflow of God’s life and power in your life – make His Word and fellowship with Him your number one priority and that overflow will keep you in a place of victory over the devil, and prepared for the coming of your King!