Keep Your Post

A child of God that is focused and faithful is a significant threat to the devil. In these last days, the Bible tells us many will turn away from the Lord. Those who were once burning hot for Him will become cold and depart from the faith. However, there will be a remnant of people who will remain committed to Christ and His call. These are people who are intentional in purpose and undistracted by the ploys of the enemy. Nehemiah knew the urgency to get the wall around Jerusalem built.  He was diligently engaged in this great work. But two men, inspired by the devil to distract and murder him, came on the scene.  Nehemiah was a man of God and no fool. He simply refused to leave his post on the wall to speak with them. Understand, the devil knows the urgency of the hour and the power of the message God has placed on your heart for others. Refuse to be distracted by him and keep your heart focused in the work the Lord has assigned you to.  Like Nehemiah, remain faithful and fixed, and you will defy the enemy while you fulfil God’s purpose and get the job done!