Know the Truth!

The devil consistently attempts to make people question the validity of God’s character and Word. The phrase, “Has God indeed said,” began the downward spiral of doubt in the mind and heart of Eve.  Once there is the slightest questioning of God’s will on one issue, every other instruction begins to hold less ground in our lives, including our impression of His good character and faithfulness towards us. If Eve held onto her personal revelation of the steadfast character and will of God for their lives she would have dismissed the devil on his first attempt to lead her astray.  Instead, his cunning twist of the truth with statements like, “you won’t die”, and “your eyes will be opened” and “you’ll become like God”, led her to believe a lie that would cost them dearly. Adam and Eve already possessed eternal life with God. They were able to enjoy unbroken fellowship with Him where no truth was hidden from them. They were already made in the image and likeness of God, and were empowered and commissioned to have dominion and replenish the earth. They were given  authority over all things, including the devil. Never let the devil deceive you concerning the truth of who you are in Christ and all you have been given as you live in Him. All that Adam and Eve lost has been restored to us through the finished work of the cross – know the truth, stand your ground and live strong in Him!