Let God’s Truth Deal with Your Hopelessness

Jesus knew full well the lame man at the pool was miserable and felt desperate in his condition. Yet, He still asked the man if he really wanted to be healed. The lame man’s response to Jesus’ question was, “I can’t sir; I have no-one to help me; someone always gets in the healing pool ahead of me”.

For thirty-eight years, this dear man had been in a seemingly helpless situation that caused him to lose all hope of ever being healed. The truth is he was facing more than a physical issue, his, had become an issue of a hopeless perspective. Even when the Healer Himself stood before him, all he saw was defeat.

God’s Word is alive and powerful. All it takes is a willing, receptive heart to see its truth; respond wholeheartedly to it, and experience the great benefits it holds. If you are longing to experience what God’s Word has promised you, begin to replace your hopeless perspective with one filled with faith. Have God’s Word flood your mind with hope so you can have the right perspective to take a hold of all He has promised you.