Let Praise be Your Weapon

The men and women in the Bible knew the power praise carried! The walls of Jericho came down with their shouts of praise! Great battles were won when they went out and faced their enemies with their mouths filled with praise to God! Just the same – when we realize how powerful praising our God is – we will make sure it’s continuously on our lips! Praise will always break us through, and this is how it works: When we choose to praise God, we shift our attention from the things that surround us, onto Him. We fix our thoughts on His goodness and faithfulness towards us.  We fill our minds and hearts with gratitude because of His great love for us and the promises He has given us.  Before long, every part of us – every thought, emotion and action responds to what our attention is focused on – our awesome, all powerful, all knowing and ever-present God! We have in essence drawn near to Him, and in comparison to Him, every form of doubt or fear has completely been faded out. The Word says that when we do this – His immediate, intentional response is to draw near to us! That means He places His full attention on us. This is where every concern is met, every emptiness is filled, and every brokenness made whole. There is no unbelief, no doubt, no defeat. As we lift His Name high, we are reinforced with His mighty power and strength to stand in this position of overwhelming victory until each promise is manifest in the natural. God cannot lie, and He cannot fail – He will always perfect everything concerning us. So shout with joy because He has already answered your prayer – when you attached your faith to His Word and released it on your praise – He watches over His Word to perform it! Your praise keeps you in faith, and prevents any form of doubt or fear from intercepting the fulfilment of that promise. So keep praising Him and see your breakthrough become your reality!