Don’t be surprised when you face trials or opposition when you’re moving forward in your faith. The enemy’s advances are jeopardized and brought to nothing when a believer stands their ground in faith. While the systems of this world are progressively moving in tandem to the devil’s end-time agenda, we literally put a cog in the wheel of his plans to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy’s tactic concerning every believer, is to get us into a state of worry and fear in the area of our thoughts. That’s because the smallest amount of fear will contaminate any measure of faith. And without faith, we have no advantage over his advances. That’s why in Paul’s letter to Timothy, he insists we understand that God has not given us a spirit of fear – but of love, power, and a sound mind! The Amplified Classic translation describes a sound mind as being well-balanced, disciplined, and able to exercise self-control. In other words, when faced with shocking, or troubling news, instead of immediately jumping to negative conclusions and suddenly erupting in rage, or panicked distress, or a heap of hopelessness – a mind that exercises self-control chooses to react a different way. A well-disciplined, calm mind is not moved by anything other than the Word of God. It will cause us to keep our flesh quiet and turn our attention directly to the Holy Spirit within us, and the Word of God we know to be true. That’s where the answer to every problem can be found. The more we renew our natural minds to the truth of God’s Word – the more we begin to perceive things through the mind of Christ. It’s a perspective from a position of victory, not confusion and defeat. Let the light of God’s Word keep your mind in peace as it paves the way out of trouble and into victory every time.