Let the Word Dwell in You Richly

God’s Word dwells in us richly when we actively pursue reading and spending time in its truth. It actually abides in us when we think about its principles from the time we wake up in the morning until we lie down to sleep again at night. How is this possible, especially when our days are filled with responsibilities and schedules that must be met?

Well, if you make the Lord the first Person you greet in the morning, and spend time in His Word with Him before you attend to all that awaits your attention. The wisdom you read, and talk to Him about – no matter if it’s one verse or an entire chapter – will set a course to influence the remainder of your day. You will find yourself being able to think about it and relate to it in everything you do. It’s like consuming the truth of God’s Word so it actually becomes a part of us. We don’t just agree with it, we begin to see things throughout our day from its perspective.

The Holy Spirit uses it to encourage, admonish, teach and train us. This is how God’s Word dwells richly in us, and through it we experience a state of perpetual spiritual richness. So become a spiritual billionaire as you let God’s Word dwell richly in you today.