Let Wisdom Rest in Your Heart

When we walk close to the Lord by regularly meditating on His Word, and spending time praying in the Holy Spirit – with our minds engaged in what His Spirit is saying – He will often reveal things to us that are not meant to be shared with others.  He may be dealing with hidden things within our own lives that must be surrendered to Him.  It may also be things in the lives of other believers that the Lord wants us to intercede for – on their behalf. In this case, it’s important for us to let what God’s Spirit reveals to us, rest in our hearts. In culinary terms, meat is allowed to rest when it’s removed from the heat before it’s cut. While it rests, the cooking is allowed to finish without it being overcooked.  It permits the juices to be re-absorbed into the fibers of the meat, making it more enjoyable to eat.  If you skip resting, you will lose more flavorful juices when the meat is cut.  How does this relate to God’s revealed wisdom resting in our hearts?  When we receive a Word from the Lord, we would be wise to spend time with the Holy Spirit over it in prayer, hearing how He would have us deal with it.  As He reveals what He would have us do with the information, we must be quick to obey.  In most cases, if the Word is for us, immediate repentance and realigning our-selves with His Word is in order.  If it is concerning another believer, it usually entails praying in the Holy Spirit, and then praying whatever the Lord places on our hearts to pray over them, until we sense the release.  The key is to spend time hearing God’s wisdom over what has been revealed to us, so we can respond appropriately – instead of just opening our mouths and letting everyone else know what the Lord has revealed to us.  Not correctly handling what the Spirit reveals in secret, can do more harm than good, and reveals our lack of maturity to be trusted with these things.  Remember, the devil’s job is to accuse and expose the weaknesses of the body of Christ.  Our job is to pray concerning what the Holy Spirit reveals so His kingdom is advanced, and the enemy’s plans brought to naught. Let His wisdom rest in your heart so you can hear how to act with Him, and not against Him.