Line Up with the Truth!

When we keep our eyes constantly and consistently fixed on Jesus, we follow His way of living. It’s the way of truth, and it stands out in a world of ever-changing opinions. Even when people are well-meaning, and have good intentions, they can be sincerely wrong. There is absolutely a way that seems noble, right and good, but unless it is God’s way – backed by the wisdom of His written Word – it will not lead to life. It will however lead to death – death of purpose, of passion and even of our lives.

If we look to people, or popular opinion instead of God’s wisdom, we will only end up in confusion and lose our way. This is why it’s crucial we live in constant fellowship with the Lord… Where we’re crystal clear on Who He is, and who we are in Him. His faultless Word says He will never forsake us, and that He can be trusted. And so, the responsibility lies with us to remain in Him.

Today, irrespective of the source of your conviction, or your plan of action, be sure it matches up against the Truth that is Jesus. Whatever doesn’t line up, simply has to go.