Listen Carefully

The Word consistently instructs us to ensure the words of God stay in our hearts and minds, so we never deviate from them. That’s because, without the life-giving wisdom of God’s Word in our lives, we are susceptible to falling prey to the lies of the devil.

A wonderful benefit of daily knowing and obeying the Word of God is the prosperity it brings us. This prosperity is more than temporary riches; it transcends to a multi-generational outworking of the blessing of God in the lives of our children, and their children’s children – up to a thousand generations!

Jesus made a way for us to never lack His life-giving wisdom. He promised if we draw near to Him and embrace His Words of truth, loving and treasuring them, being careful to heed what they say – we will always live in His abundant provision and blessing. Let’s give ourselves to God’s Word, eager to hear His instruction and delighting to obey what He says. We’ll find He’ll perfect all that concerns us.