Living From the Encounter

No one can deny the manifest power of God when they see it demonstrated in front of them. Once we have encountered the Person of Jesus and personally witnessed the demonstration of His miraculous power – we have no choice but to live expecting the supernatural.

Peter and John were men filled with the Spirit of God. When the council questioned and accused them of laying hands on a crippled man, releasing the power of God to heal him – they recognized these 2 men operated in the supernatural because of their association with Jesus. When we spend quality time fellowshipping with the Lord, in prayer and in His Word – we begin to think like Him, talk like Him, and act like Him! Hallelujah!

Jesus spent hours of quality time alone, in a secluded place with His Father. As a result, He lived from the reality of heaven towards the challenges of life. Even in the midst of a terrifying, dangerous storm at sea – He slept soundly – unintimidated by natural, temporary circumstances. No matter what we will ever face in this life, if we have habitually practiced spending time in the Presence of Jesus, we will stop seeing things from the problem and begin to see things from our encounter with Him instead.