Living the Good Life

The natural world has a warped view of success that is superficial and temporary.  Success in the natural world is based on material wealth and gain, with no regard to spiritual wellbeing.  So, the only way to sustain it, is through greed and selfish ambition that is driven by the fear of losing it all. As believers, we live by a different set of rules!

Since the unseen world of the spirit governs this seen, natural world, when we come into agreement with God’s Word, His superior measure of success and prosperity becomes our reality. Success for the Believer, however, is prosperity without sorrow or fear!

This prosperity comes as we surrender our wills to the will of God, who carries within Him all we will ever need for a life of abundant blessing! He empowers us to prosper and be successful in everything we put our hands to as we remain inseparably connected to Him. Pursue knowing God even more today, as you spend time with Him in His Word. Allow Him to influence your heart and mind so you can live the good life He has already planned for you to walk in.