Living Water

In the natural, when we are unwell, we tend to lose our appetite for food. Just the same, in the realm of the spirit, a good indication of something being ‘off’ in our relationship with the Lord, is a loss of appetite for the things of the Spirit. And yet, when it comes to our spiritual appetites, it is absolutely possible to be full and hungry at the same time! That’s because as we fill up on God’s Presence and His Word, we begin longing for more of the same. When we drink deeply from the truth of God’s Word, we are in truth, drinking from Jesus Himself; taking in the Living Water that nourishes, refreshes, and satisfies our souls. This always leaves us thirsting for more! The trouble comes when we begin drinking from the opinions and reasoning of the world, instead of the Word. We may feel gratified for a moment but before long we are left feeling dissatisfied and disillusioned. In Matthew 5:6, Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be completely satisfied .” That’s because spiritual hunger and thirst drive us directly to the Word, which fills us with supernatural life, peace, and joy while producing the force of faith within us. A sure recipe for continuous victory!  Today, choose to drink deeply from the living water, you’ll never be disappointed for doing so!