Living Your Best Life

As children of God, we are expected to lead others to know the Person of Jesus. Our lives, as His representatives, should display and demonstrate who He is and His Kingdom ways. So, we lay down our own individual wills, and take up His will and His way of doing life. What a privilege this is! A surrendered life is a magnet for the blessing, provision, and favour of God!

Just think about what He did for us: He willingly gave up His own life of privilege, to come to earth and demonstrate how we can live in love with His Father and be free of every oppression of the devil and sin! In laying down, we pick up the mandate of God – to destroy the work of the devil and release His kingdom way of life here on the earth! A life of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost!

So, we daily put on our new natures and live in and for Him! The easiest way to portray the Person of Jesus to others is to let Him live large on the inside of us! Delighting in Him and loving His ways becomes a very powerful and effective witnessing tool!  Keep His Word alive in your heart, learn to abide in Him, and your confident joy will cause you to walk in His will and purpose – putting the devil on the run and releasing the atmosphere of heaven wherever you go! This is how we live our best lives in Him!