Looking Beyond the Natural

Unwavering faith is based on believing God and His Word. The devil would love to distract us from the truth by manipulating situations and causing trouble! He does this in an attempt to have our circumstances shout louder than what God’s Word says. He tries to keep our attention fixed on this natural world, and off the things of the Spirit. That’s what He did when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. He waited for after the forty-day fast when Jesus’ body was weak. Little did he realise: there is great spiritual power released when we fast and pray. Instead of being too weak to hear and see in the spirit realm, Jesus’ Spirit was supercharged and His faith shouted louder and clearer than His weakened body! Likewise, Abraham didn’t consider his own, natural body when it came to believing God’s promises either. He looked right past natural limitations, and His faith caused him to be fully persuaded in God’s Word instead. Today, make a decision to look beyond all-natural limitations and let your eyes of faith be what dominates you, to receive all God has promised you.