Love Openly Displayed

Mary’s display of pure love and devotion to Jesus caused others to become annoyed with her, especially those who didn’t share the same devotion she did. This didn’t dissuade her at all.  She cared only about pouring her love and gratitude onto Jesus. Mary understood the power of sitting at His feet and receiving from Him (Luke 10:39). She experienced the miraculous resurrection power of God when Jesus raised her beloved brother, Lazarus, from the dead (John 11:43-44). Jesus and all He had personally done for her produced a heart of pure love, sincere devotion and generosity inside her. She was merely acting out what her heart was overflowing with.  This kind of sincere, genuine worship is obvious to everyone who witnesses it.  That’s why it cuts against the grain of those who don’t feel the same way.  Unless you have personally experienced the redeeming love of Jesus, you will never understand this display of passionate devotion. Those who do not love God wholeheartedly, because they have not recognised or opened their hearts to receive the full extent of His love for them, generally become offended at those who do! Our devotion to Jesus must expose the lack of devotion in others – not for shame, but for change. Jesus Himself endorsed Mary – declaring that her act will be remembered along with the spreading of the Gospel! That’s because this kind of response to His undeserving love is the heartbeat of our salvation.