The benefits of a covenant relationship include the privilege of drawing close to the Lord, enjoying an intimate relationship with Him. We can safely bare our hearts and innermost thoughts to Him, knowing He will not only give us His undivided attention but will respond by revealing His Own heart and thoughts to us. This precious relationship we have with Him is held securely in the bonds of loyalty.

Our loyalty and devotion towards the Lord are demonstrated when we deliberately choose to know His ways and walk in them. The benefits of this are quite overwhelming since His ways are perfect and always work towards our best interests, in every regard. The beautiful truth is: He knows our human nature is not as dependable as His own. So He placed His Own Spirit within us, to strengthen and energize us, and empower us to both desire and do His will.

Understand you never have to face any part of this life on your own. Draw near to the Lord, trust in His faithfulness to you and let Him fill you with His peace and strength, as He shares His thoughts with you – giving you the wisdom and clarity you need to overcome.