Mind Your Business

Have you ever found yourself struggling to say “no” to things that may seem noble, but just steal time from what’s really important? God’s Word teaches us to be accountable for our lives and how we use the time we are given on earth. The problem with being engrossed in things other than God’s plan for our lives is we begin to lose sight of what really counts. If you are wondering what that is, the Word of God can help.

Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek God first! In other words, before we even begin to take on the responsibilities of our day – we must deliberately spend time with the Lord, and in His Word. It’s in this time we receive His plan for our day, and the wisdom and strength to implement it.

While there is a great deal of things looking to grab our attention, we must be adamant to live to please God. Put Him first, schedule your responsibilities wisely, and you will find there will be time to pursue those dreams you have buried in your heart. As we use our time wisely, we can trust in His ability to do the exceeding abundantly above our highest hopes and dreams, by putting first things first!