Never Draw Back

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were bold and certain of their conviction in front of the greatest threat of their lives. This was NOT an ordinary faith. They  made it clear to the king that if he threw them into the furnace, their God would deliver them. However, even if He chose to not save them from death, they wanted it to be made clear that they would NEVER bow down to or worship any idol or god, other than their own (Daniel 3:17-18).  There may be times, after we  take a stand in faith, that things appear to get worse instead of better. This isn’t because our faith is not working, it’s because the opposition to what we are believing is flexing its muscles, trying to convince us to back away. Understand, every sickness, circumstance, and demonic principality knows they have no option but to bow to the Name of Jesus. It’s really just a question of who stands and who caves to the pressure. That’s why Hebrews 10:39 says we are not of those who draw back, but of those who believe! We don’t quit – we stand our ground according to God’s irrefutable Word – until every opposition to it comes into line with its truth. Ephesians 6:13 tells us that once we have done all that is required (arm ourselves with the truth and everything that is ours in Christ Jesus) we are to stand! After the three young, Hebrew men were cast into the fiery furnace that day, the king personally witnessed four men instead of three walking in the midst of the roaring flames – unbound and unharmed.  When they were commanded to come out of that fire, not one hair was singed, their clothes were not burnt and there was no smell of smoke on them. From that day, a powerful, pagan king made a decree that not one person across his entire kingdom was to ever speak against the God of the Hebrews – since there was no other god who could deliver like this!  Don’t become casual in your stance against whatever is threatening your victory today.  Stand your ground, on the truth of what God has promised you in His Word. Remember the devil is not casual in his attack or his resistance to your faith – so outlast his rebellious stance – put the pressure back on him and refuse to draw back until you see him bow to God’s Word.