Never Ending Faithfulness
The angel told young Mary she had found favour with God! She was chosen to become the mother of God’s only begotten Son. Obviously, there was tremendous risk involved in carrying the Son of God into the world. The devil had been plotting His death since the day he was told Jesus would crush and destroy his work and power over mankind.
Then there was the risk of shame and ruin to her reputation, not to mention abandonment if Joseph didn’t believe her pregnancy was God’s Own handiwork. And yet, without hesitation, Mary responded with a heart full of grateful faith! In spite of every obstacle and risk stacked against her, if this was God’s will – she wanted to be right in the centre of it. Did she have the full plan laid out before her? Did she have the answers to the endless questions bombarding her mind? No; the angel didn’t offer any insight in that regard.
What she did know was that God believed in her and she trusted Him to be in every detail of the plan – for the rest of her life! And that trust proved to be well placed. Even after Jesus left the earth in person, God never stopped taking careful care of Mary. This is His nature…to all who dare to trust and obey Him in the face of inconvenience, great risk and imminent danger – He will always remain faithful!