No Matter the Cost

In this account, Jesus was in the synagogue, where a man with a withered hand stood listening to Him teach. Jesus’ enemies (the religious leaders) were eagerly waiting and watching to see what He would do with the man since it was forbidden to work on the Sabbath, and healing would certainly count as work.  How hard and twisted their hearts must have been to find a reason to accuse and punish Jesus for doing good. They were so blinded by their own hate that they couldn’t see the love of God in action – right in front of them. Despite what His enemies were plotting, Jesus, moved by compassion, healed the man’s hand. Never lose sight of the goodness of God and the compassion He has for people.

Never be swayed by the threats of those who oppose the work of the Holy Spirit – while you have the opportunity to do the works of Jesus. Be moved and compelled by that same heart of compassion Jesus has. In spite of His Own disappointment regarding the religious leaders’ evil hearts, Jesus chose to focus on the people who needed to see the true nature of God manifest.

Today, yield to His direction and guidance. Allow the Holy Spirit to not only work in your own heart, but to work through you and touch those who need Him. You have the power and authority to act just as Jesus did – use it to see His nature revealed, no matter the cost.