No Substitute for His Presence

We serve a God that is alive. He is mighty to save, heal, deliver us, and move us into everything He has promised us. But more than just seeing us blessed, He wants us to personally know Him and His ways – because this is the ultimate reward!

In truth, there is nothing worth substituting the tangible Presence of God; Moses knew this too well. God had promised to send an angel with them on their journey to the land flowing with milk and honey. He had promised to conquer every ferocious enemy that would oppose them. Basically, He was guaranteeing them all that He had promised, however, they would not have Him in their midst anymore. This was something Moses refused to accept. He knew the only thing that distinguished him and his people from all others, was the tangible Presence of the Lord being with them. He was unwilling to settle for anything less.

We would be wise to learn from Moses here, seeking God’s benefits above a pursuit to know Him and His ways is pure foolishness.  It sells us short of experiencing the only thing that can truly satisfy the longing and desire of our hearts.  Make your choice today – seek knowing God first, and every benefit and blessing will supernaturally follow suit.