None of These Things Move Me!

What a glorious hour we live in! What a time to see the greatest harvest come in to the Kingdom of God. We are alive to run the race Jesus has set before us, and to run this race well, it takes faith in the person Jesus and the power that resides in His Name. Paul had a clear revelation of the power and authority carried in Jesus’ Name.  That’s why he literally shrugged off every threat and persecution for preaching in that Name wherever he went.  There is no power that exists to compare with the power that resides in the Name of Jesus, and Jesus gave us the legal right to use it! In Mark 16:17-18, and Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus declares what the power of His Name will do when we use it in faith.  Every evil force and bondage is broken and destroyed over people’s lives when we speak the Name of Jesus. The devil is powerless against it.  The Bible says Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost to the kingdom of darkness, to break them free from its power, and then give them a brand new life and position seated with Him in heavenly places! A place far above all other rule and power, to reign as kings in life through Him (Ephesians 1:21, Romans 5:17). Hallelujah! When we grab a hold of this truth, like Paul, we will declare that no opposition moves us or deters us from carrying out our purpose for the kingdom of God in the Name of Jesus!