Obedience Is Never an Issue

Abraham could be tested and succeeded, because there were many infallible proofs of God’s goodness in his life. It’s easy to be uncompromisingly committed to God when we are believing for Him to do something in our lives. Yet, is our commitment the same once we are living in the fulfilment of that promise? Idolatry is an issue that many deal with. God was ensuring that Abraham not get to the place where he forgot who God was to him. He had many personal encounters with God, each solidifying their covenant relationship, developing an unshakable confidence and trust in Abraham that resulted in him being absolutely faithful to God. There was no reason for doubt after God personally met with him. How could he not believe? Abraham had great faith because he truly lacked doubt! He didn’t have an issue obeying God in sacrificing his promised son, because he believed God would resurrect him, after all – it was impossible for God to go back on His promise. When we choose to lay everything down before God, being more eager to seek His face and encounter His presence, He will raise every promise up – proving His eternal faithfulness to His Word.  Take time to remember everything God has done in your life, how good He is and has always been to you. You will find your swift obedience to Him will never be an issue.