Open the Floodgates

There is a visual recording of a tremendous downpour of rain in a drought-stricken, farming area in South Africa. As a pastor was watching it, seeing what looked like a giant-sized container rapidly emptying a torrent of water over the earth, he heard the Lord say, “This is what it looks like in the spirit when I open the floodgates of heaven over your life”.

In the recording, some bystanders were afraid of the dark clouds and the heavy rain, but the farmers were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, knowing full well the life this downpour of rain would bring to their fields and livestock.

The Bible is filled with promises of blessing so bountiful that our lives will overflow with His life and goodness. As you honour Him and His ways, expect the floodgates of heaven to open over your life and pour out more blessings than you can contain!