Our Best Life

God prearranged and perfectly prepared ahead of time, specific paths for us to walk in, in this life.  These paths were carefully designed, that when we choose to walk in them, we will experience the good, abundant life Jesus paid for us to enjoy!  What’s important to note here is that firstly the pre-planned path has everything to do with doing God’s will.  So, it’s a path that demands a complete surrender and yielding to the voice of God and the wisdom from His Word. A life that walks on this path of blessing looks like one that is wholeheartedly poured out to do the Father’s will. Secondly, we should understand that walking along this path, that guarantees God’s goodness, is not something that happens automatically to the believer, it must be a deliberate choice to fully love the Lord and His ways, to the point where obeying Him in all things is our chief desire and satisfaction.  This would certainly mirror the attitude and life of Jesus.  In John 4:34, He said, “…My meat is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to finish His work.”. Jesus’ nourishment came from doing His Father’s will. He was sustained and strengthened by doing it. If we are going to live the best life God prepared for us to live – we must realize it means living to do His will as we daily surrender to His leading us through His indwelling Holy Spirit and His Word! Our daily obedience will lead us along that pre-arranged path of His supernatural blessing.