Partnership Made in Heaven!

Throughout history, God has demonstrated His mighty works in the earth, and shown Himself to be faithful and strong to His children in times of great danger and uncertainty. In each recorded account, He’s done this through significantly partnering with people.

When the children of Israel came out of bondage from the Egyptians, God partnered with Moses. Even though He performed the acts of power bringing supernatural provision, protection, and deliverance; He worked with and through Moses to demonstrate them. Moses’ part was to know God and His ways, and then to command the will of God to be done. Just the same, God’s perfect will of peace, joy, and freedom from the devil’s rule of terror – is established here on earth through His partnering with His children!

As we choose to know Him more each day and walk in His ways through an active relationship with the Holy Spirit – His kingdom is demonstrated as we act on His Word. No chaos or calamity will hold back the goodness and delivering power of God when His people team up with Him and see His kingdom come!