Patterns Can Be Broken!

If you are battling to kick a habit that has kept you in bondage and is preventing you from living in the fullness of God’s blessing – we have great news for you. Today, you are free! If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and asked Him to be the Lord of your life, then He has taken away your old, sinful nature – and replaced it with His Own! (2 Corinthian 5:17) The old nature that pulled you to sin has gone and been replaced by a new one that pulls you to live God’s way.

This is your new spiritual DNA! So, no matter what old patterns try to lure you towards your old life, you can stare them square in the face and take a firm stand against them. Sin has no power over you anymore. What’s more, God’s grace, which is His supernatural power, will energize you and give you the desire and strength to say “No!” to sin and move in the opposite direction to live for God.

It’s all been done for you! So take charge and enforce sin’s defeat over your life! Deliberately fill yourself with God’s Word, spend time with believers who live on fire for Him, and keep yourself well away from the things that lured you into those old habits. Before long those old desires will have no pull on you at all because you’ll be moving your feet solidly in the path of God’s blessing and freedom instead!