Perfect Harmony

There is nothing more beautiful than the harmonious relationship between a child of God and his Creator. God’s love for us is not just intentional, it’s all-encompassing. It reaches into the deepest parts of our souls, covers every insecurity and instability, and makes us whole. Learning to walk confidently and with determined purpose comes from a place of complete surrender to that love. To be completely loved and cherished is what empowers us to love others unselfishly. That’s because when we know and personally experience God’s love for us, we are able to trust Him in all things. His Word becomes our absolute delight because we know it’s true and we can depend on its wisdom to lead us into what is good and right. Learning to find that perfect rhythm of surrender and trust, to walk in willing obedience makes our partnership with the Holy Spirit extremely rewarding. Today, spend time meditating on God’s unfailing love for you; let it seep into every secret place of your soul. Then place your hand in His, and step into perfect harmony with Him – seeing everything through His eyes, and responding through His ways.