Perfected by the Word

So many people believe that perfection and completeness is only obtained when we get to heaven. This is a convenient excuse to shrug-off surrendering areas of our lives and personalities that don’t conform to the nature of God. If being complete and thoroughly equipped for God’s kingdom purpose is not attainable, why would He continuously make reference to it in His Word? What’s more, He makes it clear this kind of perfection comes from His empowerment, not our efforts.

Our part is to surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit as we open our hearts to His Word and welcome its transforming power into every area of our lives. This means more than just enjoying and agreeing with the truth we receive from it, we actually need to apply it to our lives and live by its practical wisdom too.

As you actively engage in the Word of God, let its truth wash over your mind, bringing every incorrect thought pattern in line with its wisdom. As it fills you with peace, do what it tells you to do – forgive, walk in love, give generously, and share what you have been given with others! A moment by moment surrender to obey His voice and walk in His ways brings the glorious transformation – making us complete in every way!