Personal Endorsement

As the issues of life become more demanding and the pressure to meet goals and accomplish responsibilities increases – prioritising becomes invaluable. God has given us the capacity and  ability to do all these things, provided we keep our time with Him our chief priority. His wisdom teaches us to follow after the things of the Spirit before the things of the flesh. When our focus is first and foremost on the things of God, everything else falls into place, more efficiently than if we gave them a higher place of importance, above our time with the Lord. When we follow the life of Jesus, He never neglected the priority of meeting with His Father long before the responsibilities of the day began.  Because He made His relationship with the Lord His essential necessity, above all else – God publicly endorsed Him and set His approval on Him by performing powerful signs, wonders, and miracles through Him. The world will recognise the supernatural working of God in and through us when we choose to give Him the place of honour – the first place, above and before all else. Just like He did for Jesus, He will use this time to infuse us with His ability, strength and wisdom to accomplish all things efficiently and with excellence. Just as we were created to never live apart from God, we were created to never fulfil our purpose independent of His power and Personal endorsement.