Planted in Righteousness

Even when it’s difficult to tell them apart, there are some district differences between weeds and plants. One of the most noticeable is that weeds usually grow rapidly and freely, which means they are invasive. Plants, on the other hand, are deliberately planted and must be nurtured to produce the desired fruit. This observation describes the obvious difference between the unrighteous and the righteous.

Those who live ungodly lifestyles, driven by selfish motives, seem to flourish quickly, only to be destroyed by their own evil devices. But those who live for God, have been transplanted by His Own hand, nourished by His incorruptible Word and strengthened by His Spirit. They flourish steadily and securely, producing long-lasting fruit.

Today, consider the condition of the soil of your heart. Be deliberate about the seed you allow to be planted in it. Make sure you are rooted in Christ and not in the wickedness of this world, and you will enjoy the prosperity it brings.