Planted in the House of God

When the doors of the temple were shut in 2 Chronicles 29:24-25, altars and shrines sprung up all around Jerusalem and Israel. Wickedness abounded and sin became rampant. Haggai said the house of God lay in ruins while the people dwelled in their paneled houses. The result of this was devastating lack for the Israelite nation. If abundant blessing is the result of loving and following the Lord wholeheartedly – then lack is the result of turning our hearts away from Him and His ways. The scriptures show us how important it is for us to honour the Lord and His house of worship. While it may be popular among people to stay away from church because it’s safer, or more convenient to worship from the comfort of our homes – the Bible warns us to not neglect the gathering and fellowship of the saints – especially when the day of Jesus’ return is approaching! In 2 Chronicles we see how sin became rampant when the doors to the temple were shut. In Haggai, we see how the people could not prosper when the temple lay in ruins. Individually, each born-again believer is a temple of the Holy Spirit – since He dwells within us (1 Corinthians 6:17-20).  However, it’s important to note that neglecting the gathering together to experience the powerful, corporate anointing is not God’s will, and certainly places the church at a significant disadvantage.  We must always make spending time in church our priority.  There is no substitute for serving the body together, praying and worshipping together and encouraging one another in the Lord. Isolation from the body is not God’s will.  Don’t just attend church – root yourself into it, by serving the body and forging meaningful relationships. The Lord promises that those who are planted in His house will flourish like a palm tree. No matter how strong the storm, it just bends and bounces back – ever fruitful and unharmed!