Positioned to Receive

The Word of God teaches us how to put ourselves in a position to receive the never-ending flow of His power and life. If there is any area of our lives that doesn’t reflect the flow of His abundant life in and to us, we must find the place in His Word that provides a promise for that area of lack.  His supernatural flow of life comes to those who are diligent enough to search His Word and find the scriptures that promise us our answers. Then, we are to meditate on those scriptures, by building those promises into us and making them a part of what we truly believe. We can believe anything God’s Word says is true concerning us when we make it the final authority of our lives. This is where our confidence to receive comes from.  So many believers put up with lack and sickness in their lives because they aren’t convinced that it’s God’s will for them to prosper or be healed. In the back of their minds, they are holding onto an incorrect thought that perhaps God is trying to teach them something through their lack or sickness. Unless we personally know that the Word of God states, irrefutably, that it is His will for us to prosper and succeed in life, and that Jesus paid the price for us to live in divine health – we will have nothing to build our case on when the devil discourages us. He will tempt us to back away from our faith for our breakthrough. But, when we make God’s Word our foundation of faith, and release what we believe through our words of thanksgiving and praise for the answer, we are positioned to receive exactly what His Word has promised us!