Powerful Prayer

A wonderful benefit of prayer is the intimacy it harbours between us and our Heavenly Father. It keeps our hearts soft and tender towards the Lord, alert and receptive to His voice and power. It pleases the Lord when we bring our requests before Him, trusting in His faithful nature and loving-kindness towards us.

It’s in these times of face-to-face intimacy with Him that all worry and anxiety vanish, as the assurance of His love and perfect care overwhelm us. The prayer of faith is mightily effective when it’s prayed from a place of this child-like trust and intimacy with the Father. It enables us to confidently approach His throne of grace and receive everything we need to live whole, healed, and free from the bondage of the enemy.

Take time every day to enter into that place of intimacy with the Father so you can pray the prayer of faith and see what is impossible in the natural, made possible by the hand of God.