Praise Brings Change

David was a man who knew what it was to face times of great trouble. And never once did He see His God fail him, even when the trouble was self-inflicted. Every time his heart was set right with the Lord, he made an undying commitment to bless the Lord, irrespective of the overwhelming circumstances he was faced with.

His decision to praise God at all times filled him with strength and confidence to push through each trial with an uncanny peace and joy, until he victoriously overcame. No matter what you are facing or whether the promises of God have not yet been fulfilled in your life – praising God is your answer! Like it did for David, it will remind you of the wonderful things He has done, and His never-ending goodness and faithfulness towards you.

Victory is won through praise. Just as it brought down the walls of Jericho, defeated the enemies of Judah, and rescued Paul and Silas from prison, it will empower you to overcome too. Your praise declares the power of God in your circumstances and produces a boldness of faith that terrifies the devil. So stop your fretting, start praising and release the power of God to bring change. Watch every challenge turned around for His glory!