Prayer Power!

God loves it when you come to Him boldly, praying with an attitude of faith and expectation. It shows you believe Him and His Word, and have full confidence in His love and faithfulness towards you. According to Hebrews 11:6 says this attitude is what opens the door for Him to move powerfully on our behalf, and He rewards us for having it!

The Book of James tells us that when we pray fervently, tremendous power is made available to us; as parents, when our children ask for something they really want, they don’t just ask once, they ask continually. They build their case giving every reason why they should get what they are asking for. We build our case before the Lord by stating what His Word has promised us.

This is the foundation that supports every prayer and gives us the confidence to believe it will be answered. Prayers without this confidence are powerless. So get God’s Word on what you are needing changed in your life; come to Him with a bold, confident heart that’s filled with love and gratefulness, and you will see His hand move powerfully on your behalf – every time!